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What is Mpower?

We are a company specialised in measuring muscle operation. Utilising the state-of-the-art technologies and latest scientific research results we wanted to develop an easy-to-use measurement equipment for measuring the muscle operation in the normal training conditions beyond the laboratory environment. Our objecive was a solution, that helps professionals to understand better their customer's muscle operation and to support muscle training in its various forms.

With these ingredients in mind we developed the Finnish 
Mpower muscle activation monitor.

Mika Herrala




The technology behind Mpower has been designed with one thing in mind: make people stronger. To ensure we can stay 100% behind our words, we have build everything based on science. So, if you are interested in knowing more, this is for you.

EMG (electromyography) consists of electrical signals of nerves and muscles controlling the contraction of the muscles.

sEMG signal contains useful information about

• Activation level of the muscle
• Activation levels of specific types of muscle cells
• Muscle fatigue
• Timing of muscle activation(s) in relation to movement

Conventional sEMG measurement requires complicated instrumentation and facilities available in laboratories, which has limited the use of sEMG in sports applications. Mpower is a fully mobile wireless EMG device with high quality EMG signal and online state-of-the-art signal analysis.

Mpower app shows training response and stores

the measurement results into mobile device and cloud service.


Execute instant measurements.

Identify most effective exercises and

techniques by measurement.



Pick your favorite exercises from Mpower exercise library or design your own. Plan you training program with Mpower app.

Measure your exercises

Measure desired exercises during training.
Monitor muscle training response for each repetition in real-time.
Compare stored muscle training responses for sets and whole exercises.

Monitor progress

See your development easily as increase of muscle maximum activation and activation volume.

Accurate sEMG-sensor for muscle training response measurement.


Tiny and light

Easy to attach to any muscle with a strap or an adhesive.


Measures superficial muscles

Measure any individual superficial muscle or even up to 4 muscles simultaneously.

Unique and precise technology

Measures electrical signals produced by muscle during its function. Mpower is based on state-of-the-art sEMG-signal analysis and provides accurate information about muscle training response as muscle activation. Unique technology enables measuring activation of both slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers and muscle fatigue.

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